eKnowledge Packaging & Publishing

What is eKnowledge Packaging?
The best way to describe the eKnowledge Packaging services offered by us is with a phrase that is derived from our companies name. This phrase that we like to tell our customers is "We Make Data Productive." Our eKnowledge services are the best way to make your data productive!

Productive Data Corporation offers state-of-the-art eKnowledge Packaging & Publishing system development. Using various technologies including Nextpage's™ NXT3™, Productive Data is able to offer our clients the industries leading eKnowledge services and systems.

Our systems are built with all of the eKnowledge tools needed for a profitable site!

What can these eKnowledge Packaging & Publishing systems do?
Our systems are so versatile and advanced that we could not begin to describe them on a single website. What follows is a list of some of the most common features of our systems. For more information please call us at (414) 908-4900.

          • Content delivery via the internet, intranets, and portable computer media (CD-ROM).
          • Fast keyword and full-text searching.
          • Secure user management.
          • Electronic subscriptions.
          • Packaging and Distribution Services
          • Multiplatform authoring

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